Park Drive Lighting Upgrade

Installation of 4 new DPTI standard street lights along Kangarilla Rd, near Park Drive, McLaren Vale. New conduits were installed with a combination of open excavation, and under-boring to minimise impact on adjacent mature trees. Works included new DPTI switchboard.

Construction of Memorial Park Bridge

The scope of work included setting out the works from established bench marks and boundaries; demolition of the existing bridge, construction of a new road bridge, construction of a new footbridge; construction of road pavement, construction of bridge barriers and bollards, construction of pedestrian fencing, construction of concrete kerbing, line-marking and traffic management.

Adelaide 500 Track and Civil Works

The scope of works includes site preliminaries and establishment; erection and dismantle of temporary structures including overpass footings, ramps and pedestrian overpasses. The works also include the removal and reinstatement of kerbing, existing signage, gates, seats and bollards and other sundries throughout the course of the event. Significant traffic control including closures of lanes, roads; removal and reinstatement of the Brittania Roundabout. Racetrack preparation includes gravel traps, removal and disposal of vegetation. Other miscellaneous items include application of orange paint to track, dust suppression, erection of concrete barrier base and protection of services.

Town of Walkerville Newsletter Mention

Civil Tech Pty Ltd mentioned in the Town of Walkerville About Town Autumn 2018 Newsletter regarding the Lansdowne Terrace works and stormwater upgrade, Vale Park. 'This contractor has a strong background and extensive experience in civil works...' (p. 2).

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