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Many projects Civil Tech are involved with contain significant service works, whether it be new stormwater pipes or utility upgrades trenching, or simply an adjustment of service pits in footpaths.

Civil Tech is currently installing around 1300m of new stormwater culverts for the Town of Walkerville, including a very technically challenging section of 1200mm RCP in a 4.0m deep shored trench, passing under 20+ various services.

Civil Tech has recently completed several other specialist underground infrastructure projects, most recently around 4000m of conduit (in rock) as part of the Minlaton stage 2 PLEC.  Other projects include street lighting and sewer at Kadina and a 1000mm steel water main as part of the Northern Connector service relocation works. 

For services adjustments, Civil Tech works closely with the various assets owners and stakeholders assessing the condition of existing infrastructure before works start, and determining the correct treatments. We recognise the long lead times that can apply to these works, and prioritise the coordination of these works as early in the project as possible.

Civil Tech owns a large variety of equipment, ranging from 33tonne excavators down to 1.8 tonnes, matched with highly experienced operators and pipelayers. We can provide the right equipment for whatever project, and work also with vac trucks and the like for safe excavation around existing services

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