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VALO Adelaide 500

VALO Adelaide 500

The scope of works included: site preliminaries and establishment; erection and dismantling of temporary structures, including overpass footings, ramps, pedestrian overpasses, super screens, pit straight, chicane, hairpin, a concert arena and over-track areas.


The works also included the removal and reinstatement of kerbing, existing signage, gates, seats and bollards and other sundries throughout the course of the event; construction of a fuel bund for the removal and storage of bulk fuel; installation and compaction of SCP spreader bars; significant traffic control including closures of lanes, roads; removal and reinstatement of the Brittania Roundabout; asphalt surface paint marking pre and post event; race track preparation including gravel traps, removal and disposal of vegetation; green line marking and application of degadur.


Other miscellaneous items include the application of orange paint to track, dust suppression, erection of concrete barrier bases, installation and removal of pine bark chips and protection of services i.e. Telstra and Gas Level Checks.

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