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Civil Tech Pty Ltd ensures that all specified requirements and standards are met, and evidence of compliance is generated to provide the administrative and site management controls that are necessary to run a project efficiently and to achieve the required high standard of quality.


Civil Tech Pty Ltd has invoked environmental procedures which detail the way our personnel and subcontractors perform their duties and works to minimise the environmental impact on the surrounding ecosystems and habitats.


Civil Tech Pty Ltd.'s aims are:-

  • not to increase any form of pollution in the vicinity of the project and to have zero reportable breaches.

  • work with the client to improve where possible the environmental integrity of the area being worked in.


In all working activities, Civil Tech Pty Ltd through its employees and subcontractors ensures that all reasonable and practical steps are taken to mitigate risks to the Health, Safety and Welfare of its employees and any other personnel on-site.

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Civil-Tech Pty Ltd meets the requirements of the Civil Contractors Federation Construction Management Code and is a CCF Systems Certified Contractor.  We are constantly striving to improve our methodologies, by using the best industry techniques and recyclable materials.  Civil Tech Pty Ltd is innovative in its approach to achieving an outcome that is both pleasing to our clients and the community.  


Civil Tech Pty Ltd through its combined knowledge and expertise of its personnel provides a high level of assurance to clients and relevant stakeholders to achieve the best outcome for each project.

Civil Tech Pty Ltd can offer the following value-added services:

  • Extensive design and construction experience enabling alternate economic designs to be considered.

  • Project cost-savings through professional project management.

  • Experienced civil construction crews ensure that project completion targets are met with no compromise to quality and safety.

  • Professional appearance and conduct when dealing with the general public and stakeholders.

  • Sensitive to the community needs whilst construction is in progress.

  • Liaise with local businesses to minimise disruptions to their business activities. 

  • In-house traffic management.  All personnel are work-zone traffic management trained.

  • All personnel are trained in first aid management.

  • Civil Tech holds the following accreditations:-

    • Builders Licence: 186315​

    • DIT Accreditation SA027

    • SA Water

    • EPA Dredging Licence: 50226

Let’s Work Together

Address:          231 Fullarton Rd, Eastwood SA 5063, Australia



Telephone:       (08) 8271 7400 

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